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This object contains attributes common to many Metasys system objects. These common attributes are described in the Common Object Attributes section.

Note: In the Notes column, attributes that are marked with a letter C are configurable, attributes marked with the letter W are writable, attributes marked with the letter D are default display attributes, and attributes marked with the letter N indicate values not required.
Table 1. Generic Integration Object (GIO) Attributes

Attribute Name



Display Reference


Represents the label of the Display Attribute. The Display Reference is not stored in the object, but read when requested.

Target Reference

  Identifies the source that provides the data elements linked to the individual attributes of the GIO.

Attribute Info


Contains a list of structures that store data about each attribute defined within a GIO. The elements listed in this table appear as columns on the Hardware tab of the Configure screen of the Insert Point Wizard - GIO.
Table 1. Hardware Tab Configuration Columns
Element Name Description
Adjust Allowed Indicates whether or not this attribute supports the Adjust command.
Category Specifies the attribute category (input, output, or parameter). 0 - Input, 1 - Output, 2 - Parameter
Display Precision Specifies the display precision for an attribute with a real value (floating point).
Element Ref

Specifies the element within the target reference associated with this attribute to provide it data for value/status/reliability.

Field Units Represents the units that can be used for the attribute. Uses Unit Set (Set 869)

Contains the user label for the attribute name. This is the name used whenever you view the attribute in Metasys software.

Override Allowed Indicates whether or not this attribute supports the Override command.
Units or Enum Set

Specifies the units for an attribute that is a real value (floating point). If an attribute is one value from a set, this attribute sets the states text from the sets listed in the Alphabetical Set List.

Use Unit Set (Set 869) to set the units of a real value.

Display Attribute


Specifies the attribute that represents the value of the GIO. The value of this attribute is used as the Present Value of the GIO. For example, for a GIO representing a temperature control strategy, you might choose the attribute representing room temperature to be the Display attribute. Then, the room temperature appears as the GIO Present Value.

Remote Object Name


Contains the name of the object in the format of system.object.
GIO 1 Attr. . .GIO 256 Attr


Represents user-definable attributes that can be part of a GIO. Each attribute represents a potential entry in the Attribute Info attribute which in turn represents a physical or logical piece of data within an integrated device.

These attributes only appear on the Hardware tab of the Configure screen of the Insert Point Wizard - GIO.