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System Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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About this task

To bind buttons to items, URLs, or applications:


  1. Double-click a button. The Hyperlink Information dialog box appears.
  2. Use the information in the following table to edit the fields.
    Table 1. Button Options



    Hyperlink Type

    Selects whether the button provides a link to an item, URL, or application.


    If you link the button to a URL, type the address here. If you link to an item or application, click the Browse icon and see below. Applications configured using the Metasys Preferences Applications Tab appear on the drop-down menu.

    Browse icon

    Opens a dialog box for browsing to an item or application.

    If you are linking to an item, UGT displays a navigation tree listing graphics/objects you can bind to the button.

    If you are linking to an application that is not in the Application drop-down menu, UGT allows you to navigate to and select an executable file for an application that resides on your local file system or a network drive.

    Note: The linked application does not close when you exit the UI.


    Hides the button in the View mode, creating a virtual hyperlink on the background image.


    Passes the defined Alias string to the linked graphic when you press the button.


    Displays a dialog box to change font size and text justification for the button label text.


    Accepts changes.


    Cancels changes.