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Metasys SCT: System Configuration Tool Help

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System Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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The UGT toolbar shows only the appropriate tools for the current mode of the UGT. The table below shows the toolbar options available in Edit Mode and View Mode.

For information on mouse shortcuts, see Mouse Shortcuts.

Table 1. UGT Toolbar Options in Edit Mode and View Mode


(Standard Windows Icons not Shown)


Visible In:

Action Performed

Edit Mode

View Mode

Save X  

Saves all changes to the graphic and exits Edit mode.

Cancel X  

Cancels any changes to the graphic (made since the last save) and exits Edit mode.

Edit   X

Changes the UGT to Edit mode.

Note: This is the only toolbar item that requires Configure Access (Security Administrator System).

Print X X

Brings up the Print dialog.

Print Preview X X

Brings up the Print Preview dialog.

Cut X  

Cuts the selected symbol out of the graphic.

Copy X  

Copies the selected symbol.

Paste X  

Pastes a cut or copied symbol into the system.

Undo X  

Undoes the previous action (except for a save) up to 4 actions.

Redo X  

Redoes the previous undone action up to 4 actions.

Set Background Image X  

Allows you to import the background of the graphic.

Set Advanced Image X  

Allows you to import an advanced graphic.

Save Background Image X  

Saves the background image.

Bind X  

Brings up the Bind Information dialog box for the selected item. (This box is the same as when you double click on an item.)

Select X X

Turns the cursor into a selection cursor.

Text X  

Turns the cursor into a text cursor that allows you to create a text box.

Pan X X

Turns the cursor into a hand that allows you to pan over the diagram by dragging.

Marquee Zoom X X

Allows you to select an area to zoom in on.

Interactive Zoom X X

Zooms in and out on a graphic when you hold the mouse down.

Zoom - Fit Window X X

Zooms the diagram to fit within the window.

Overview X X

Shows an overview of the entire graphic in one window.

Selective Zoom X X

Allows you to select the percentage zoom applied to the diagram.