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System Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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Symbols are graphic elements or components that are inserted into graphics to represent the value or status of equipment in your system. The UGT contains the set of symbols described in the table below. In Edit mode, the symbols appear in a palette to the left side of the graphic workspace.

Symbols support drag and drop functionality. For more information, see Drag and Drop Shortcuts.

Table 1. Symbol Descriptions




Buttons allow you to hyperlink from one graphic to an item, URL, or application.

Value Display Boxes

Value Display Boxes display the value and status of bound objects and allow you to access the Focus view of the bound object. Value Display Boxes also show the units used by the value.


Gauges display the value and status of bound objects with graphs, dials, and standard colors. UGT offers the following gauge categories:

Analog Fill Bar Graph

Dial Gauge


Dynamic symbols indicate the value of bound objects. Some of these symbols move as the object change. Members of this category are:


Basic Shapes (Block)

Switch (2 or 3 State)