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Backgrounds are static images displayed in the background of a graphic. Backgrounds represent buildings, floor plans, mechanical equipment, and any other picture that represents the location or function of the equipment in the graphic. By default, a newly created graphic has a gray background. You can insert a background image using a file based on SVG, SVGZ, or JPEG graphic format.

You can create SVG/SVGZ background images with graphic drawing packages or from established libraries of images. We recommend using the Professional or Standard edition of Microsoft Visio 2003, 2007 or 2010 (32 bit) software and the AGSL to create background images. Alternatively, you can use Microsoft Visio 2002 software with the GSL. SVGZ and SVG images must be created in positive space (quadrant 1, on the positive X and positive Y axis).

Background images in JPG format are usually created with cameras or scanners. You cannot resize a UGT background in JPG format, and if an area of the graphics workspace is not fully covered by the JPG image, the exposed area defaults to gray.

Access available backgrounds with the background icon on the Toolbar.

For information on how to edit an existing background image, see Editing a Background Image.