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Menu Selection: Insert > Object > Electric Demand Control

The Electric Demand Control Object interacts with the Electric Demand Monitoring Object to control electrical loads so the actual demand stays below the target demand. The Present Value is a value that indicates the level of shed activity needed to stay within the target demand. External logic must be used to interpret this value and to switch on/off loads.

Note: In the notes column, letters indicate the following: A - Archive, B - BACnet Array, C - Configurable, D - Default Attribute, F - PM Refresh, O - BACnet Optional, Q - BACnet Required, R - Associate with Reliability, W - Writable.

Table 1. Electric Demand Control Object Attributes
Attribute Name Notes Initial Value Values/Options/Range Description
Present Value W,D,R,F,Q 1   See the Present Value attribute in Generator Load Control
Control Type W,C,A Time Ctrl Control_Type_ Enum_Set (New Define) See the Control Type attribute in Generator Load Control .
JCI Demand Monitoring Object Reference C,A NULL   This attribute refers to the Electric Demand Monitoring object reference. The Electric Demand Control object is unreliable if the input source object is unreliable, or if the reference is offline and data acquisition with BACnet cannot be performed.
Priority For Writing W,C,A,O  

Low Limit = 3

High Limit = 16

This attribute defines the priority when instructed to inject or trip by demand control based on this object. It is a 1 to 16 unsigned integer, with 1 being the highest priority, and 16 being the lowest priority.
Level Value   ALL 0  

This attribute represents the level of available electric power of a generator, measured in a 60 minute period. It defines the load capacity to be decreased when a device at a specified level is turned off.

Although the Level Value attribute is an array of 16 values, only the values 1, 2, 3, 9, 15, and 16 are configurable.

Level Value: Control Status of Register Points Device

1: All levels recovered (all demand controlled devices are ON).

2: Level 2 devices are turned OFF. All other devices are ON.

3: Level 2 and 3 devices are turned OFF. All other devices are ON.


9: Devices at level 1 to 9 are turned OFF. All other devices are ON.


15: Devices at level 1 to 15 are turned OFF. All other devices are ON.

16: All levels are turned OFF (all demand controlled devices are OFF).

Transition Interval W,C,A 30 Units = seconds See the Transition Interval attribute in Generator Load Control .