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Menu Selection: Insert > Object > Group


  • Click the Add button to select the items belonging to this group from the Select Item dialog box.
  • Click the item in the group list and use the up and down arrows to move the item in the list.
  • Click the item in the group list and click Remove to remove the item from the group.
  • Do not add a Group object to an equipment definition for the Metasys UI. The Metasys UI does not support the Group object.

The Group object’s attributes represent a collection of other objects and one or more of their attributes. This object provides the user with the ability to customize the organization of objects within the site. The Group object simplifies the exchange of information between objects by calling all members of the group at once. A group consists of any combination of object types. For example, you can use the Group object to monitor the temperature in different rooms throughout a floor of a building.

For general information on Metasys system objects, see Common Object Attributes.

For detailed information on the Group object, see Group Attributes.