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This object contains attributes common to many Metasys system objects. These common attributes are described in the Common Object Attributes section. This section includes attributes of the Focus/Configuration tab for this object. See the Object and Feature Tabs section for information on the attributes that appear on the other tabs of this object (for example, the Hardware and Options tab appear on point objects).

Table 1. Channel Object Attributes
Name / View Group

Attribute ID Writable (W) Configurable (C)

Attribute Description
Object Identifier -- BACnet

75 C

Indicates the instance number of the Object Type used in the BACnet Object ID as exposed to a BACnet network. The object ID must be unique within the host device. The object ID of the Device object must be unique within the BACnet network.

User Name Is BACnet Obj Name -- BACnet

1092 W C

Controls whether the object’s User Name attribute is also the Object Name attribute. The Object Name attribute is not writable, so the only way to change the Object Name attribute is to edit the User Name attribute and set the User Name Is BACnet Obj Name attribute to True.