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This object contains attributes common to many Metasys system objects. This section includes attributes of the Focus/Configuration tab, the Diagnostics tab (if applicable), and any other tab specific only to this object. See the Object and Feature Tabs section for information on the attributes that appear on the other tabs of this object (for example, the Hardware and Options tab appear on point objects).

Click the attribute name in the table for a description of the attribute.

Note: In the Notes and BACnet Notes columns, attributes marked with the letter C are configurable, attributes marked with the letter D are the default for display, and attributes marked with the letter W are writable.
Table 1. Calendar Attributes - Calendar Tab

Attribute Name


BACnet Notes

Initial Value


Date List (Entry Detail)




Lists dates defined as entries to the Calendar object. Each entry is either an individual date, range of dates, or month/week-of-month/day-of-week specification. If the current date matches any calendar entry, the Present Value is set to True. Also, individual fields of an entry can be left unspecified, thus acting as Wildcards, or include all options. If a device allows writing to Date List, all date choices are permitted.

Global Calendar Object Reference




Specifies a globally referenced calendar (if any) used as the master calendar for the site. Specifying a global calendar allows a site to synchronize many calendars so that only a single calendar (master calendar) needs to be changed. If you are using calendar references, you usually set up field controllers that reference a calendar on the engine, and engines that reference a calendar on a single supervisory engine, which is designated as the master calendar.

Global Calendar Update

Specifies a time and date when the local calendar date list was last updated from the master calendar. If no calendar is referenced by the device, then the global calendar update remains unspecified.
Note: If a calendar references a master calendar, the date list is not writable and the Edit button within the SMP UI is unavailable.

Present Value




Indicates the current value of the Calendar. Present Value is True if the current date is in the Date Lit (Entry Detail) and False if the current date is not in the Date List.