Rapid Archive Tips - Metasys - LIT-12011964 - Software Application - System Configuration Tool - 13.2

Metasys SCT: System Configuration Tool Help

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System Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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Product Enhancement:
  • You can pre-select the supervisory devices that you want to edit in the all Items tree, before you launch the rapid archive feature. If you do not pre-select any supervisory devices, the Select Scope window appears after you launch the rapid archive feature.
  • You can add new controllers to any network engine — not just those selected when opening the Rapid Archive. Duplicate name/address checking does not occur in this case.

Drag and Drop Functionality

In Controller Templates:
  • Click any cell in a row to reorganize and drag the selection to another location to reorder the row.
  • Click any cell in a row and drag the selection into folder structures to reorganize points in folders.
In the Rapid Archive Field Controller wizard:
  • Click and drag equipment from the Equipment tree to the Served By column to create serving relationships.
  • Click and drag spaces from the Spaces tree to the Space column to associate item references with spaces.

Enhanced Point Naming

To clearly define point names in the SMP and SCT All Items tree, controller templates offer enhanced naming selections through the Configuration tab. The Point Name Display attribute includes up to 10 levels of Space information and the parent Controller Name.

  • By default, the parent controller name is set to True, and 0 levels of space information are applied to point name displays. Point names are generated based on hierarchy order. For example a point name with 3 levels and a controller would be Bldg1.Flr2.AHU1-VAV1.ZN-T, instead of ZN-T.
  • Point Name Displays truncate the beginning name strings when the entire name exceeds the 400 character maximum.
  • The Point Name Display attribute naming structure does not appear in the Metasys UI. Metasys UI names are based on Equipment Definitions.

To change Space level and Controller Name information in display names:

  1. Open the controller template in the focus window.
  2. Click Edit in the Configuration tab.
  3. Enter a numerical value of 0 to 10 in Include Space Level Value cell.
  4. Select True or False from the Include Controller Name drop-down list.