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About this task

The following procedure for populating controller templates adds new resource files to controller templates that previously did not have resource files.

Note: BACnet Alarms and BACnet Trends in a .caf file are not generated when populating the points list with a .caf file.


  1. Right-click an existing controller template in the All Items tree and click Show Extensions.
  2. Click New.
  3. Click Browse in the Insert Resource File wizard to navigate to the location of the .caf file. Click Open and verify that the file name appears in the File Name box.
  4. Click Next. Configure your Resource file by adding descriptions or status information, or changing the file name.
  5. Click Next and then click Finish. When the Insert Resource File wizard closes, drag the controller template into a focus window and verify that a Resource tab now exists for the controller template.
  6. Select the Point List tab and click Get Points. The Get Points dialog box appears.
    Note: For existing controller templates that have points, the point list is deleted and repopulated based on the .caf file.
    Figure 1. Get Points Dialog Box

    Note: Controller templates do not support N2 or FX .caf files as resources.
    1. Select Display Data to import only display data points you configured in the Controller Configuration Tool (CCT).
      Note: Special character display data names are not supported in controller templates.
    2. Select BACnet Exposed Points to import all point information.