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When using the Rapid Archive feature to create your archive, use a top-down device hierarchy approach. For example, use the Chiller and Boiler room schedules with the Rapid Archive Field Controller wizard first. This allows the wizard to automatically create equipment serving relationships when you create your AHUs and Terminal Units.

We recommend creating multiple Room Schedules based on device-level hierarchy. For example, individual room schedules for Chillers or Boilers, Air Handling Units (AHU), and Terminal Units.

Note: This procedure requires that your equipment definitions, controller templates, and room schedule files are already created.

Use the following steps for every device-hierarchy level in your site.

  1. Create a new archive in SCT.
  2. Add a Site, Site Director, Supervisory Devices, and Integrations to the new archive using the Insert Device wizard.
  3. Import equipment definitions to the Equipment Definitions folder of your Site Director.
  4. Import Controller Templates to the SCT Controller Templates folder under your site Configuration Data.
  5. Verify that your controller templates are linked to the correct equipment definitions.
    Note: This step creates Equipment objects that are used by the Metasys UI. If you do not link to the equipment definitions, the Rapid Archive Field Controller wizard automatically generates equipment definitions and the Equipment objects based on the auto-created equipment definitions.
  6. On the Facility menu, select Rapid Archive. The Rapid Archive Field Controller wizard appears.
    Note: For improved Rapid Archive Field Controller wizard loading, pre-select the devices that you are editing in the All Items tree before opening the wizard.
  7. Click Edit and then click Import to import the Rapid Archive spreadsheet.
  8. Click OK when the Import Room Schedule dialog appears.
    Note: You must have an ADS, ADX, or ADS Lite as your Site Director for the Metasys UI Equipment columns to populate. If no compatible Metasys UI Site Director exists on the site, then the columns are hidden.
  9. Click Save and refresh the All Items tree to verify that your controllers and points populated correctly.
  10. Repeat Step 5 through 9 for each device-level in your system.
    Note: When importing each device-level in your system, if you close and re-open the Rapid Archive wizard after each import, the Space and Served By columns for the last added device show a blank result. This occurs even though the information resides in the archive. However, if you keep the Rapid Archive wizard open during each device-level import, this issue does not occur.