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About this task

Follow these steps to create basic equipment definitions.

Note: To make the process of creating equipment definitions effective and efficient, we recommend that you create Equipment Definitions that normalize all equipment types into one definition. For example, try to maintain a single VAV Box definition for the entire site.


  1. Create folders for equipment definitions in the Equipment Definitions folder in the All Items tree, as doing so expedites the process. You can also create folders during Equipment Definition creation in the Insert Equipment Definition wizard Destination window.
  2. Click Facility > Prepare Rapid Archive > Insert Equipment Definition.
  3. The Insert Equipment Definition wizard appears. Select the Definitions folder under the ADS/ADX in the All Items tree as the destination for the equipment definition. You can create new folders for a definition by entering a name for the folder in the lower-right panel of the Destination window. Click New Folder to create a folder. Click Next to proceed to the next window.
    Figure 1. Destination for Equipment Definition

  4. Name your equipment definition. Click Next.
  5. Configure your equipment definition. Use Table 1 to assist in configuration.
    Table 1. Descriptions of Object Attributes for Equipment Definitions

    Object Attribute



    Enter the name of the equipment definition.

    Note: When naming equipment definitions, use plain text. Do not use text with HTML tags.

    Contains a user-defined name for the equipment definition object that is independent of the item reference. Functions like the Name object attribute for the All Items tree.


    Enter a description of the equipment definition.

    Contains a user-defined description of the equipment definition object.

    Object Type

    Indicates the Object Type as displayed in the Metasys software and as exposed to a BACnet network.

    Authorization Category

    Choose the category for the equipment definition from the drop-down list.

    Examples: HVAC, Fire, Security

    Classifies the object by the category of system or equipment that it monitors to help determine user access privileges and alarm routing.

    Note: Keep in mind the access privileges of users per Authorization Category and select the most appropriate category. A user without access to an Authorization Category does not have access to the object.

    System Subtype Set

    Choose the system subtype set for the equipment definition from the drop-down list.

    System Subtype

    Select a system subtype from the drop-down list.

    We recommend that you begin creating equipment definitions with terminal units, then air handlers, and finish with central plant equipment.


    Indicates the graphic associated with the object.

    Graphic Alias

    Indicates a portion of the graphic’s item reference, up to and including the name of the folder containing this object or the controller containing this point.

    Figure 2. Configure Equipment Definition

    • Graphics and Graphic Alias attributes have been added to accommodate Metasys UI graphics association.
    • Graphics+ and standard graphics are only supported for viewing in the Metasys UI and Metasys UI Offline.
  6. Click Next.
  7. The Summary window appears. Click Finish.
    To add display data to the equipment definition, continue to Adding Display Data to the Equipment Definition.