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About this task

After you create an equipment definition, configure the display data.


  1. Open the equipment definition from the All Items tree.
    Figure 1. Equipment Definition in All Items Tree

  2. Click Edit.
  3. In the All Items Tree, find the equipment that contains the display data points. Select the engine or device and drag it into the equipment definition.
    Note: An equipment definition can have a maximum of 200 data points.
    Figure 2. Drag Display Data to Equipment Definition

    Figure 2 is an example of display data points for an Equipment Definition. Table 1 describes the columns of data shown in the Equipment Definition window.

    Table 1. Descriptions of Columns in Equipment Definition



    Display Data

    Select the check box to select a row for display data point in the Metasys UI.


    Contains the name of a point (for example, Zone Setpoint).

    Short Name

    Contains the abbreviated name of a point (for example, ZN-T).

    Note: Do not leave the Short Name field blank.


    Displays the Instance number of the object on the remote field device. The Instance number, along with the object type, defines the remote object’s BACnet Object Identifier. The BACnet Object Identifier is used to establish communication with the object.

    Note: Please note that if duplicate Instance numbers are created during Equipment Definition, it will cause issues when using Equipment Discovery.

    Net Point Address

    Contains the Metasys N2 Point Address associated with a point.

    Net Point Type

    Contains the Metasys N2 Point Type associated with a point.

    Search Criteria

    Contains user-defined search criteria for points. Search criteria can contain the following:
    • An asterisk (*) before and after the search criteria text lets you search that portion of the text in the short name. For example, *ZN-T*
    • ? in the search criteria text lets you search Names or Short Names for the numerals zero or one. For example, Hum?-C returns results including Hum1-C.
    • % in the search criteria text lets you search for numerals 0 through 9. For example, Hum%-C returns results including Hum1-C and Hum7-C. You can enter multiple % to search for text that contains multiple numerals. For example, Hum%%-C returns results including Hum26-C.
    • # in the search criteria text lets you search for a string of one or more numerals. For example, #BoxHtg-C returns results including 1BoxHtg-C and 34BoxHtg-C.
    • * in the search criteria text lets you search for zero or more of any character. For example, ZN-T* returns results including ZN-T.
    • Normal text in the search criteria returns results that match the characters exactly without matching case. For example, zn-t returns results for ZN-T and zn-t.
  4. Ensure that all display data points are valid (no cells are red). Select the items to display the data points in Metasys UI.
    The display data appears in the bottom pane. You can then sort the items in the order you would like the data to display in Metasys UI.
  5. Click Save.