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Metasys SCT: System Configuration Tool Help

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System Configuration Tool
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About this task

The following general workflow is a high-level process for creating spaces and equipment serving spaces. At certain sites and under certain circumstances, you may complete Step 6 through Step 8, and then go back to Step 6 several times before completing the entire process.
Note: As a best practice, open the site in SMP and the archive in SCT at the same time to help with configuration of spaces and equipment serving spaces.
Note: At SCT Release 13.0, all device types, including Johnson Controls' devices, N2 devices, and third-party devices support Metasys UI configuration.


  1. Open the SCT archive.
  2. Use the Facility > MUI Config > Edit Spaces Tree option to add spaces to your site's Spaces Tree. For more information, see Using the Spaces Tree Editor.
  3. Create equipment definitions (Facility > Prepare Rapid Archive > Insert Equipment Definition) for the equipment that serves the spaces you have configured, starting at the lowest node of equipment (for example, terminal units). For each equipment definition that you create, repeat Step 7 and Step 8. Then continue creating equipment definitions for the highest node of equipment (for example, central heating and cooling plants). For more information, see Using Equipment Definitions.
  4. Discover equipment that belongs to the equipment definitions or import pre-built equipment definitions. For more information, see Using Equipment Definitions and Adding Display Data to the Equipment Definition.
  5. Create Served By relationships. For more information, see Assigning Spaces Served By Equipment Relationships.
  6. Associate Graphics+ graphics and Standard graphics to spaces and equipment.
    Note: In Metasys UI 2.1 and later, you can associate your Graphics+ graphics, Standard graphics, and native graphics to spaces, equipment, or equipment definitions (called alias graphics) in the Graphics Manager of the Metasys UI or Metasys UI Offline. For more information, refer to Metasys® UI Help (LIT-12011953) or Metasys® UI Offline Help (LIT-12012116) .
  7. Open the Metasys UI Offline and validate your spaces, equipment, and graphics associations.
  8. When you are satisfied with how the spaces, equipment, and graphics associations look in the Metasys UI Offline viewer, download your archive to the ADS/ADX.
  9. Browse to the Metasys UI to view your site's spaces and equipment serving spaces.