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About this task

Another method of creating a Spaces Tree is to drop data from a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel 2007 and later). This method uses room and point schedule information to build a Spaces Tree.

This procedure assumes you have already set up your spaces in a spreadsheet. In general, use Figure 1 as an example of a spreadsheet setup. In the spreadsheet example used in this document, column 1 is the Parent-level generic space; column 2 is the Building-level space; column 3 is the Floor-level space; column 4 is the Room-level space.

Note: Your spreadsheet can have up to 10 columns, with column 4 through 10 initially set to Room-level spaces.


  1. Click Facility > MUI Config > Edit Spaces Tree.
  2. The Spaces Tree Editor opens in the right pane. Click Edit.
  3. In Excel, select the columns and rows of data. Make sure your cursor is the click and drag cursor - four arrows pointing outwards.
  4. Drag the data to the ADS/ADX in the base tree in the Spaces Tree Editor.
    Figure 1. Example of Data from Spreadsheet in SCT

  5. Click Save.