Using Equipment Discovery - Metasys - LIT-12011964 - Software Application - System Configuration Tool - 13.2

Metasys SCT: System Configuration Tool Help

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System Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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  1. Click Facility > MUI Config > Discover Equipment.
  2. Click the Browse icon to select an equipment definition for the equipment. The Select Item window appears.
  3. Select an equipment definition. Click OK.
    Figure 1. Select Equipment Definition

  4. In the All Items tree, select the engine or device (or multiple engines and devices). Drag the engine or device to the Equipment Discovery pane.
    Figure 2. Drag Engine or Device to Equipment Discovery

  5. If you have spaces created, create Served By relationships by clicking the Browse icon in the Serving column. You can also drag a space object or equipment (or multiple space objects or equipment) from the Spaces Tree into the Serving column.
  6. Click Create. A message appears confirming you have successfully created equipment objects.
  7. Click OK. The equipment objects are now added to the Equipment folder in the All Items tree.
    Figure 3. Created Equipment Objects