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System Configuration Tool
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About this task

To delete objects or items:


  1. Select the object or item you want to delete in the All Items tree. This option is not available in user views.
  2. On the Edit menu, select Delete Items.
    • You cannot select an object or item in the display frame and delete it from the system. You can only delete objects or items by selecting them in the navigation tree.
    • After deleting objects or items in the online mode, perform an upload to store the updated system configuration in the archive. Perform a download of your site to verify that the changes are visible online.
    • After deleting objects or items in SCT, perform a download to update the online configuration of the device.
    • If you are deleting an object or item that is used in other processes (for example, as a scheduled item or in a graphic), the Delete Items wizard appears and displays the list of unbound references to be created. To avoid creating unbound references, we recommend modifying the items that point to that object in the Action Tables tab before you delete it.
    • You cannot delete the Site Director and its child ADS, ADX, OAS, ODS, or supervisory device at the same time because the archive would then have no Site Director. The Delete Items Wizard appears to indicate the child device was not deleted. Therefore, delete only one Site Director or supervisory device at a time.