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The Analog Totalization extension tracks and records the usage of any consumable monitored through an analog attribute. Some examples of consumables include electricity, gas, steam, and chilled water.

These three essential parameters determine the Analog Totalization extension’s mode of operation:

  • the Input Reference to be monitored

  • the Timebase on which the computation is based

  • the Low CutOff Value that the input must meet or exceed

Use the Analog Totalization extension to determine the usage of the given consumable. For example, you can determine the amount of gas or steam used by the facility for a given month. Also, use Analog Totalization to determine how many kilowatt/hours were used in a week or to totalize a calculated value (for example, degree days).

For general information on Metasys system objects, see the Object Help section.

For detailed information on the Analog Totalization extension, see Analog Totalization Attributes.