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The Resource File extension represents an actual physical file that gets placed in the System Configuration Tool’s database or in the file system (Flash Memory of an Engine device). The resource file is an extension of another object called the parent object. The parent objects for Resource File extensions can be field devices.

After completing the Field Device, the wizard prompts you to add a resource file extension. The resource file extension allows you to define the attributes that represent a defined resource file and allows you to populate resource files for integrations. For example, you can define a set of resource files to support communication with field devices. The resource file notifies its parent object when any changes are made to the extension.

Note: When using an HVAC PRO file as a resource file, be sure you use the long print file format because it provides the Metasys system with more information than the short print file format. For example, the long print file format imports the units of measure while the short print file format uses defaults based on the HVAC PRO units setting. For analog values, it uses the default units of Deg F or Deg C (based on the Metric versus Imperial units specified in the PRN file). If you use a short form PRN file, the User Interface displays a warning message stating that you have selected a short format PRN file that does not contain units information. The warning message indicates the Metasys system is using the default setting that may not match the original units.

For more information on resource file extensions, see Resource File Attributes.