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Metasys Report Engine User Guide

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Metasys Advanced Reporting System
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User Guide
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The Files group box includes the following settings:

File Name Creation Rule: Defines the rule to compose the file name of the report based on the following parameters:
  • base name
  • type of extraction
  • date and time
Enter the parameters in the following format:
{ ‘<’ <KEYWORD> ‘>’ | <USER_STRING> }


 DATE_TIME_FORMAT ::= See appendix
The MRE generates a unique file name for the report. At runtime, the MRE performs the following substitutions for the parameters you enter:
  1. Replaces the BASE keyword with the content of the Base file name parameter in the report definition.
  2. Replaces the TYPE keyword with a string that identifies the periodicity of the report. The following rules apply:
    1. The string W is used to represent weekly reports,
    2. The string M is used to represent monthly reports,
    3. The string D is used to represent daily reports
    4. The string OS is used to represent one-shot reports
  • Output Folder: Stores the generated reports.
  • Report Definition Folder: Stores the report definition filed with the .rdf file extension.
  • Excel Template Folder: Stores Excel template files.
  • Dictionary file: The XML file with the localized string for NxE/SNx’s enumeration types. This file is provided with the Metasys Language Installation Package. From version 2.9, this file is used to localize the trend report according to the new Metasys trend database.
  • PDF Printer name: Select the virtual printer to convert reports into PDF files. If you install PDFCreator, select the entry PDFCreator in the combo box.
  • Language: Select the language to use for the application. The combo box shows all the files with the .lang extension stored the installation directory. To add a new language, copy-and-paste an existing .lang file and translate all the strings. Do not change the numbers at the start of the line.
  • Site Director: Select the address of the site director for MRE to verify the User information. Requires that you use the MRE Web version from the Metasys User Interface with the Metasys login type.
  • Guest can run any report: In the web interface, all guest users can run report created by another user.
  • Verify Excel report template: Use to verify if the Excel template is different from the last the report used.
  • Report definition backup: Creates a backup of the report definition before saving operation.