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Metasys Report Engine User Guide

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Metasys Advanced Reporting System
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User Guide
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Use the Type pane to configure a periodic, one shot, or manual report.

To configure a periodic report, enter a start date and schedule how often to create the report:
  • Monthly: create a report every month. For example, when you set the Begin date to March 1 2000 at 0:00:00 AM, and then set the Day of month value to the last day of month, the report generates at midnight on March, the 31st 2000, on April, the 30th, 2000 and so on.
  • Weekly: creates a report every week. For example, when you set the Begin date to March 1 2000 (Wednesday) at 0:00:00 AM and set the Day of week to Sunday, reports generate at midnight on March, the 5th 2000 (Sunday), on March, the 12th 2000 (Sunday) and so on.
  • Daily: creates a report every day.
  • Every Day: creates a report
  • Yearly: creates a report every year.
  • The delay between the end of the collection period and the actual start of the report creation process. For example, if you schedule the report to gather data from March 15 2000 at 1:30:00 AM to March 16 2000 at 2:30:00 AM and the Start delay field is set to 1 hour, the report generates on March 16 2000 at 3:30:00 AM.
  • Start delay. (hh:mm) this is the time MRE waits after the data collection expiration time before generating the report. This is useful when a number of reports are generated at the same time, for example at midnight, to prevent the machine running MRE from being overloaded or to be sure that the data has been stored in the server before proceeding with the report.
  • Use the Timestamp group box to specify whether the time in the report needs to be UTC or local.