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Metasys Report Engine User Guide

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Metasys Advanced Reporting System
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User Guide
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Use Data Format pane to select the format for Trend, Access Historian Trend and SQL Historian Trend reports. You can select the following formats:

Raw: The data inserts into the report as read from the database. You can also enter a Time Tolerance value. If the time stamp of two or more entries in the database differs for less than the Time Tolerance, the two entries merge to generate a single row in the report. The inserted row uses with the average value of the rows that match the Time Tolerance interval.

Tabular: data inserts into the report at a fixed Sample Time. When you use the Tabular option, your reports generate with a fixed number of rows. For example, if you set the Sample Time to 15 minutes, your daily report then contains 96 rows. If you also select the N+1 samples option, your report then contains 97 rows.

To insert values not valid into your reports, such as the value Unreliable, select the Include invalid values check box.