Licensing MRE Application - Metasys - LIT-12014183 - Software Application - Metasys Advanced Reporting System - 3.0

Metasys Report Engine User Guide

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Metasys Advanced Reporting System
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User Guide
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About this task

You can use the unregistered version of the MRE to demo all the capabilities of the application. The reports created from the unregistered version contain default data. To register your copy of the MRE and gain full access to application, complete the following steps:


  1. To register your copy of the MRE, contact your local Johnson Controls’ representative and provide the serial number found in the Help > About window. Your Johnson Controls representative provides you with an executable file called JLR-<Serial number>.EXE.
  2. Launch the executable file on your computer.
  3. From the JLR Setup Wizard, click Install.
  4. Click Finish.