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Metasys Report Engine User Guide

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Metasys Advanced Reporting System
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User Guide
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When running Metasys Report Engine (MRE), keep the following considerations in mind:
  • To create Excel reports, install Microsoft Excel
  • To create real-time reports or trend reports from a Standalone SNx/NxE, install Metasys Secure Data Access on the machine running the MRE application.
  • To create M-Collector Trend reports, install M-Collector and Access Historian applications on the machine running the MRE application.
  • MRE uses the All Users folders to store configuration files. Ensure that all the users who run MRE are granted the permission to modify data in such folders.
  • To automatically print reports, install a printer other than system printer. To ensure that the printer is installed correctly, from the printer properties page, print a test page.
  • To generate reports in PDF format, install PDFCreator. See Installing PDFCreator.
  • When data collection is active, the MRE saves a large amount data on disk. To safely run the MRE requires at least 100 MB of free disk space.