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Metasys Report Engine User Guide

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Metasys Advanced Reporting System
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User Guide
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The Metasys Report Engine (MRE) creates custom reports based on data collected by Metasys software and M-Series M-Access Historian software, ADS-Lite, ADS, OAS and ADX.

The MRE provides capabilities to organize data in an easy, effective and flexible way, building on the set of functions already available in the Metasys system.

The MRE report definition function organizes data archived by the Metasys Building Automation System software. The report definition is a structure that stores all the information needed to filter data and create reports. A report is the output of the MRE processing a report definition. To create a report definition, you must provide following settings:

  • Select a period of time and how often to create a report
  • Select a output format such as Microsoft Excel or CSV file
  • Select where to store and print the report
  • Select the items to include in the report, for example, the points and attributes
  • If the output is an Excel file, select the cells where you want to copy the data

The MRE stores trend data in Microsoft Excel or CSV format. You can then make an offline analysis of the data using external applications. For example, the following figure shows how to create a graph from an Excel sheet compiled by MRE with data retrieved from Metasys and M-Series Historian archives.

Figure 1. Example report