Creating a new site - Metasys - LIT-12012406 - Software application - Performance Verification Tool - 4.3

Metasys Performance Verification Tool (PVT) User Guide

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Performance Verification Tool
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User Guide
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Prerequisites: Before you create a new site, ensure that you can access the customer's Metasys Building Automation System or System Configuration Tool (SCT) archive.​

  1. Click New Scan from the main menu to create a new site.
  2. Enter the required Site Name, Filter by Country, and Branch fields.
    Note: If you start typing the name of the branch you are searching for, the list auto-selects the entry. If the branch you want is not listed, ensure you sync from the Home page and that the branch exists in Salesforce.
  3. Click the right arrow. The Customer Information message box appears.
  4. Enter the customer’s information and click the right arrow.
  5. Select your Server OS and SQL Server Version, and indicate if you have Metasys UI implemented on your site. You can also provide information on your Metasys license. If you are unsure of what information to provide in the Metasys license field, hover over the info icon. Click the right arrow.
  6. Select either SCT Archive or Online.
    Note: Online refers to a Metasys Site Director of a live system.
  7. Enter the IP or host name of the server or computer that has the SCT Site archive installed.
    Note: You can specify a different port number to access a site by placing a colon followed by the port number after the address. For example: localhost:443. There is no default port selection.
  8. Enter your user name.
  9. Enter your password and click the right arrow.
    Note: The Get Archive List and Archive are only enabled when you select the SCT Archive radio button.
    • If you select the SCT Archive option, do the following:
      • Click the Get Archive List button to gather a list of existing archive that PVT can scan.
      • In the Archive drop-down menu, select the archive you want to scan.
  10. Click the right arrow.
  11. Select the type of scan to perform:
    • Inventory: Scans the engine or controller excluding point information. Inventory scan with points scans point information as well. The Points tab is only visible when the inventory scan with points is complete.
    • Performance: This scan is only available for online sites, and is not available for SCT Archive.
    • Feature Assessment: Scans the features of the Metasys System and how the customer uses them.
  12. Click Perform Scan. The PVT presents a list of the supervisory devices in the system. Select the supervisory devices to scan.
    Note: See Table 1 for information on the different types of scans and their use.
  13. Click Scan Selected to begin the scan.
    If you want to stop a scan before it completes, you can select one of the following:
    • Don't save: cancel the entire scan and do not create a site.
    • Save: save the completed data.