PVT Sync Service - Metasys - LIT-12012406 - Software application - Performance Verification Tool - 4.2

Metasys Performance Verification Tool (PVT) User Guide

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Performance Verification Tool
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User Guide
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The PVT Sync Service installs with PVT and runs in the background to sync your PVT data to the cloud. It can run in Autoscan mode or Interactive mode. The service requires an active internet connection and only performs the synchronization after you close PVT. After you launch PVT for the first time, you must enter your SSO credentials. Sync options remain unavailable until you log on.

After logging on, a new column, Sync Status, appears in Open Project.
  • If a project is not synced, the status reads Ready to Sync.
  • If a project is synced, the status reads Synced.

In the Recent Project list, the cloud icon in each synced project turns green.

If you have set working hours, all projects with Ready to Sync are synced outside of these hours. To manually sync projects, click Sync now in the Open Project dialog box. Click Sync now to override the set working hours and sync all projects with Ready to Sync status.
Note: If all projects are synced, the Sync now button is disabled.
Note: Only the data from the last 7 days can display.

For autoscan mode, the sync is triggered by the scheduled scan time. When the scan completes, the scan is sent to the cloud immediately. The cloud may take some time to process the scan so it does not show up immediately.