Licensing PVT - Metasys - LIT-12012406 - Software application - Performance Verification Tool - 4.2

Metasys Performance Verification Tool (PVT) User Guide

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Performance Verification Tool
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User Guide
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About this task

Depending on your license in the Software Manager, PVT runs in either automatic scan mode or interactive mode. If the PVTAUTOSCAN 4.x license is active, PVT runs in automatic scan mode, even if another PVT license is also available.

Note: The machine that is running PVT must have an internet connection in order for PVT to open.

To retrieve and activate your license for PVT for automatic scan mode, complete the following steps:


  1. Place an order for CW-PVT-0 in AOMS so that a licensable copy of PVTAUTOSCAN 4.x can be generated through the license portal.
  2. Navigate to the Johnson Controls License Portal and log on with your Johnson Controls user name and password.
  3. Search for the order number in the search bar on the upper right and click on the AOMS order number.
  4. On the order information screen, locate the product code CW-PVT-0 and ensure the version of the product is 4.2 or later.
  5. Click the Actions dropdown.
    1. To retrieve the product key to use for license activation in online mode, click View Product Key and copy the product key from the pop up window.
    2. To download the file for offline license activation, select Start a New Offline Activation and provide the system ID of the machine, and click Next Verify the machine tag and click Next. Download the file for offline activation.
  6. Navigate to the Software Manager and click Add License.
  7. On the pop up window, click Online with product key or Offline with a License Activation File.