Creating Items with Wizards - Metasys - LIT-12011942 - Software Application - ODS Server - 10.1

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ODS Server
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About this task

  1. Select the item to create. The corresponding wizard appears. If more than one type of item is available, select the desired type. Click Next.
    • Select Action menu > Show Extensions to launch the Extension Wizard to create extensions to objects that support them.
    • Select Insert menu > Integration, Field Device, Field Point, Folder, Control System, Object, Graphic, Trend Study, User View, or Summary Definition to launch their respective wizards.
  2. Complete the information on the wizard screens, using the navigation buttons to move through the screens. The screens vary depending on the item you are creating. See the Using Wizards section for information specific to each wizard.
    Note: All items appear in the wizard, not just valid destinations. When you click an item that is not a valid destination for the item being added, an error message appears on the right side of the wizard and the Next button is disabled.
  3. Select Finish on the summary page to create the item. If an error occurs, a message displays and the wizard returns to the summary page. If the item supports extensions, the Extension Wizard displays after the item is successfully created.