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About this task

Follow the steps in this procedure to run one of the predefined reports (alarm, offline, disabled, operator override, supervisory override, trouble, and out of service). To schedule a report on a Metasys Server, see Creating a New Scheduled Report in the Scheduled Reports section.

To run a report:


  1. Select the single supervisory device (Engine or ODS), multiple supervisory devices, or the entire site in the navigation tree that you want to query.
  2. On the menu bar, click Query and select the type of report you want to run (Alarm Report, Offline Report, Disabled Report, Dormant User Account Report, Operator Override Report, Supervisory Override Report, Trouble Report, or Out of Service Report). The Report Viewer appears in the default display panel.
    Note: If you did not select a supervisory device or site, a message box appears. Click OK, select a supervisory device or site, and repeat step 2.
  3. View the results of the report.