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The User Interface Diagnostics window reports conditions within the system that may affect the operation of the user interface, but which require no immediate user acknowledgment or action. When the Metasys system logs a diagnostic message to the UI Diagnostics window, it includes the time when the condition was detected. Diagnostic messages are logged to the UI Diagnostics window for various reasons, including the following:

  • An attempt to connect to a device on the Metasys network failed.

  • The device you are logged into is temporarily busy and cannot provide updated data.

  • The data provided by the device is in an invalid format such as non-XML.

  • An unexpected event occurred in the user interface.

When the system detects any of the preceding conditions, a new diagnostic message appears at the bottom of the message list. Whenever the UI Diagnostics window is open (even if cleared), an icon appears in the status bar. When the user clicks the UI Diagnostics icon, the UI Diagnostics window moves to the front of all other windows. If the UI Diagnostics window is closed, it opens automatically when a new diagnostics message is logged. Click Clear to clear the window contents without closing the window.

Click Close to close the window.