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The Alarms Window (also referred to as Metasys - Events or Alarm Bar) displays the newest, highest priority alarm message. Only alarms defined in the Fault Ack Required and Normal Ack Required attributes of the alarm extensions or the BACnet alarm definitions are eligible to appear in the Alarms Window. In addition, only those alarms for which you have the Manage Item Events category-based permission appear in the Alarms Window. The alarm message includes the name of the item in alarm, the current status, date and time when the alarm occurred, alarm priority, the present value of the item, and a description related to the alarm condition (if applicable). The color of the Alarms Window is based on the Alarm’s Priority level and is configured on the Alarm Settings Tab of the Metasys Preferences.

Note: If the SMP UI is running on a Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, or Windows Server® 2012 device, the Alarms Window does not appear on the Start screen. Therefore, always operate the SMP UI on the desktop if you are using one of these operating systems.

The number of alarm messages that require acknowledgment appear above the View Item button. Use the Alarms Window buttons to perform actions related to the displayed alarm message. For more information on alarms and events, see Alarm and Event Management. When no alarm messages need acknowledgement (or all alarms are snoozed), the Alarms Window disappears. No matter which mode the system is in, you can minimize the window and the mode automatically restores itself if a new alarm occurs.

In an Engine that is not the Site Director, alarm and event messages that are acknowledged or discarded at the Engine do not appear acknowledged or discarded in the ODS.

To enable or disable the display of the Alarms Window, see Enabling or Disabling Alarm Pop-ups.

To have an audible sound notify users of changes occurring in the Alarms Window, on the Tools menu, click Administrator, select the Enable Audible Alarm check box, and click OK. However, a user with administrator rights must use the Security Administrator Tool to set this property for any Active Directory or RADIUS service users who were added to the Metasys system. Make sure the Windows operating system audio controls are not muted and the volume is loud enough to hear. An audible alarm sounds as long as an alarm is detected (if alarms are not snoozed or at least one unacknowledged alarm is pending for the logged-in user). The alarm sound interval (15 seconds by default) is configurable from the Preferences dialog box.

The Alarms Window does not appear when you are using the SCT in offline (configuration) mode.

The current navigation view does not limit or affect the Alarm notification, only the user’s permissions for managing item events can. Therefore, it is possible for a user to receive an alarm for an item that does not exist in the currently displayed navigation view.