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Metasys Open Data Server Help

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ODS Server
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User Guide
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You can interact with the entire Metasys system from any location running a supported web browser. Use either Windows Internet Explorer version 11, Apple Safari® version 11.0 or later, or Google Chrome™ version 72.0 or later. Other browsers, such as Mozilla® Firefox®, may also be used but are not fully supported.

Note: In Internet Explorer 11, select the option Display all websites in Compatibility View, found under Tools > Compatibility View Settings, to ensure that websites appear and function correctly.

You use the Launcher application to reach the login screen for the Site Management Portal UI. If the Launcher is not already installed on your machine, you are prompted to install it when you attempt to log in the SMP using the web browser.

After you log in to the Metasys system, you are able to perform the following operations: