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ODS Server
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The Definition view of the Trend Viewer allows you to view and edit the Trend Viewer setup and charting options.

Table 1. Definition View




Allows you to edit the refresh rate and display precision.

  • Refresh Rate: specifies the amount of time, in seconds, for automatic refresh of data. You must configure this attribute with a value of 0 seconds, 60 seconds, or greater than 60 seconds. Values 1 to 59 are invalid and not allowed. 0 means manual refresh. If the refresh rate is 0, click the Update button to display new data.
  • Display Precision: specifies the decimal point rounding and the number of decimal places used to format real values that do not report a display precision. If the value reports a display precision, this Trend Viewer attribute is ignored in favor of the value’s native display precision.

Range Start and Range End

Specifies the Start Time and End Time for the Trend Viewer.

  • Date: Displays the dates for the Viewer Range.
  • Time: Displays the times for the Viewer Range.

Chart Display

Allows you to add gridlines, stack the Y-axis, and choose the chart style for the Trend Viewer.