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About this task

To add trends to the Trend Viewer in the Chart, Table, and Definition views:


  1. Click the Add icon. The Select Item dialog box appears.
  2. Select one or more items (Ctrl or Shift).
    Note: All non-trend items appear dimmed. If everything appears dimmed in the Select Item dialog box, check to see if you have at least one object with a Trend Extension and/or that Engine devices from other sites are storing samples in the ODS (if applicable).
  3. Click OK.


Note: You can use the Select Item dialog box to select historical trends from an ODS.

At Release 8.0 and later, trends can be added to the chart and definition views of the Trend Viewer through drag and drop functionality.

To Add Trends from the Global Search Viewer
  1. Click View > Panel Layout and select the Two Panel option. In one of the panels, open the Trend view. In the second panel, open the global search.
  2. Perform a global search for trends on the site.
  3. Select trends from the global search results.
    Note: To mass select trends in the search results hold Ctrl and click or hold Shift and click.
  4. Drag the select trends to the Trend Viewer.
To Add Trends from the All Items Tree
  1. Select a device from the All Items Tree.
    Note: To mass select device hold Shift and click.
  2. Drag the selected devices from the All Items Tree to the Trend Viewer window. All trends associated with the device will populate in the Trend Viewer window.