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New at Release 8.0, you can configure a syslog destination that forwards all system events and audits to your syslog server.

The Metasys system provides the optional capability of sending its configured audit log entries and alarm notifications to an external, industry-standard Syslog server, conforming to Internet published RFC 3164. The Syslog option provides positive indication of each field possible in the Metasys event and audit entries, replacing any blank field with the single character dash (-). Individual fields of each Metasys message are sent to the Syslog server separated by the vertical bar symbol (|), ensuring the integrity of all data sent to the Syslog server.

After the Syslog DDA is configured, all messages sent to the local ODS Repository are also sent immediately to the configured Syslog server. You can apply forensic analysis on the consolidation of all electronic audit and event information at the Syslog server.

For information on how to configure a syslog destination, see Configuring Destination Delivery Agents (DDAs) For additional information, see the following: