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On the ODS platform, you can define any printer supported by Windows software as a destination for event messages, and a single DDA can print alarms on multiple printers. Printers connected to the ODS by parallel port or USB are supported, as well as IP-based network printers (if printers are set up with an IP address).

You can configure the ODS Printer DDA for single line printing for a tractor feed printer (also known as tractor feed printing, line printing, and dot matrix printer support). To set up a printer for single line printing for a tractor feed printer (no form feed/tractor printing mode), set the ODS Device Object Printer tab Line Out attribute to 0. By setting this attribute to 0, when an alarm is sent to the tractor feed printer, it prints the alarm text and then advances a single line, thus waiting to print the next alarm.


  • When using a tractor feed printer (without any form feeds), the Timeout, Printing Priority Threshold, Orientation, Font Face, and Font Size attributes are not used and any values set for them are ignored. You can set the Orientation, Font Face, Font Size, and line wrapping at the printer itself.
  • Tractor feed printing is only intended for tractor feed printers. You may encounter abnormal behavior if you set the Line Out attribute to 0 for other type of printers, such as deskjet and laserjet printers.

For information on how to configure a printer destination on an ODS, see Configuring Destination Delivery Agents (DDAs).

For information on how to configure a printer destination on an ODS, refer to the Configuring Destination Delivery Agents (DDAs) section in the Metasys ODS Help (LIT-12011942) .

For additional information on ODS Printer DDAs see the following:

On older releases of the NAE55/NIE55 and NAE85/NIE85 platform, you can use the Serial Printer DDA on the Site Director Engine to print event messages. This DDA is enabled using Remote Desktop and no attributes/tabs appear in the UI. This DDA is not available on the NAE35, NAE45, or NIE59. Refer to the NAE Commissioning Guide (LIT-1201519) for details on this DDA.