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An annotation is a textual string associated with an event message. All acknowledgments add an annotation to an event message. In addition, you can add annotations to an event message (in the ODS event repository only). You cannot edit an existing annotation. Instead, add a new annotation to the event message. You can also define custom annotations. See Adding Annotations, Viewing Annotations, and Creating Annotations.

Note: On an Engine, you can view annotations but you cannot add them.

The following table describes the fields of an annotation dialog box.

Table 1. Annotation Dialog Box Fields




When viewing annotations: The User field appears under the Annotation Information section that displays the user ID of the person that added the annotation.

Date and Time

When adding annotations: Displays the date and time the event message was generated.

When viewing annotations: The first Date and Time field displays the date and time the event message was generated. The Date and Time field appearing under the Annotation Information section displays the date and time the annotation was added to the event message.

The date and time format is defined by the Language selected in the User Profile (User Profile tab of the Security Administrator System).

Item Reference

Indicates the complete Item Reference defined for the item that generated the event message.


Displays the text defined by the Description attribute of the item that generated the event message.


Allows you to select from a list of predefined annotations or add a text string (annotation) of 1–255 characters that may be used to describe any operational tasks that should be performed to respond to the cause or condition that prompted the generation of the event message.

Navigation Controls

Allows you to navigate through the annotations, if the event message has multiple annotations associated with it. Use the buttons to go to the first annotation, previous annotation, next annotation, or last annotation.

The text box displays the number of the annotation being viewed. The Annotations feature automatically assigns a number to each annotation created. For example, if the event message has three annotations, the number appearing in this section can be 1, 2, or 3 depending on the annotation being viewed. Type a number in the text box and press the Enter key to jump directly to a specific annotation.