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The Event Enrollment Object is fully compliant with the BACnet standard specifications and should only be used when integrating with BACnet devices. The Event Enrollment object monitors the value of a single attribute and generates event messages based on the defined alarm conditions.

You can create an Event Enrollment object using the Insert Object Wizard and configure its attributes, or you can view an existing Event Enrollment object and edit its attributes. Event Enrollment objects are not supported by any field controllers. Based on the defined event type, the Event Enrollment object generates event messages for different conditions monitored in the referenced object. See the Event Type attribute of the Event Enrollment Object and the Event Enrollment Configuration Examples for more information.

Note: Event Enrollment alarming is only available for your Metasys system if you set the BACnet Site attribute to True in the Site object. See the Site Object for information on configuring the BACnet Site attribute.

After configuring one or more Event Enrollment objects, you must configure at least one Notification Class Object to define the routing of event messages to BACnet device destinations. Then you must reference the desired Notification Class object from the Event Enrollment objects. If you want the Notification Class object to route the event messages created by the Event Enrollment objects to the Metasys Alarm and Event Management feature, set the Notification Class object’s Route to Metasys attribute to true.

You can add object to Event Enrollment objects if you want to route event messages to Metasys DDAs. For more information on DDAs, see Event Message Routing, Filtering, and Destinations.

The Enable Alarms and Disable Alarms commands for the Event Enrollment object alarming edit the Event Enable flags under Alarm State to prevent alarms.

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