Alarm and Event Management for Metasys Systems Integrated with BACnet Devices - Metasys - LIT-12011942 - Software Application - ODS Server - 10.1

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The Metasys system provides the option to use the Alarm and Event Management feature when integrating with BACnet devices (including the N30). You can send event messages generated by the engines, the ODS, or FACs to BACnet devices. This alarming method uses the Notification Class Object and Event Enrollment or objects with intrinsic alarming to detect alarm conditions and route event messages from the Metasys system to BACnet devices.

Note: Event Enrollment objects are not supported by any field controllers.

For the alarm and event feature steps, see the Alarm and Event Management Alarm and Event Steps section.

For details on the attributes appearing on the BACnet Alarms tab, see BACnet Alarm Tab in the Object and Feature Tabs section.

For information on the BACnet IP Integration object, see the BACnet IP Integration Object.

For information on alarm and event management for the Metasys system, see Alarm and Event Management.