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The Audit Trail feature initiates an audit message when the system detects an audited event such as a user logging in or logging out of the Metasys system, commanding an item, or changing the configuration of a device. An audit message is stored in the Audit Repositories of the device that generated the audit message. When the local audit repository is full, you can send its audit messages to an ODS repository defined as the Default Destination for permanent storage.

The Audit Message and Audit Viewer allows you to view audit messages stored in the audit repository of the selected device. You can determine how to sort and filter the audit messages that appear in the Audit Viewer as well as forward them to the defined default destination. You can add annotations to audit messages and view them when displayed on an ODS. You can also define customized annotations and add these custom annotations to audit messages.

Audit Message Process shows the flow of audit messages through the Metasys system.

Figure 1. Audit Message Process