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The Alarm Settings tab allows you to configure up to 10 alarm priority groups, each with a unique sound and a unique color. The groups are based on the priority of the alarm. The Alarm Settings tab allows you to specify the alarm sound interval. The alarm settings are system settings and therefore can be edited only by Users Authorized to Edit System Preferences.

These alarm settings apply to the Site Management Portal UI (online mode). The alarm color preferences also apply to the Metasys UI.

The alarm sound files can be Audio (.au) or Wave (.wav) files. The Metasys UI uses Wave (.wav) files for all web browsers except Windows Internet Explorer. For Windows Internet Explorer, the Metasys UI uses the MP3 file equivalent to the configured Wave (.wav) file.

Alarm sound files must be placed manually into the audio folder. Refer to the Configuring and Managing Preferences appendix of the ODS Commissioning Guide (LIT-12011944) or the NAE Commissioning Guide (LIT-1201519) for details. The Metasys system validates that the audio file exists on the device and is in a supported format. If the audio file does not exist or is not in a supported format, the UI marks the audio file red. If the specified sound file for a particular range of alarm priorities is missing, the UI uses the default system beep for those alarm priorities. The UI uses the specified sound files for other alarm priorities if their sound files exist.

The Alarm Settings tab controls the sounds made by the Metasys system when an alarm is received; however, the sound settings of the client computer control the volume of the audible alarms.

  • The client computer can only play sound files if a sound card is installed on it. If the UI does not detect an installed sound card, it uses the default system beep, regardless of whether sound files are specified and available.
  • To hear alarm notifications, you must also have Enable Audio Alarm selected in your User Profile.

The following table describes the attributes of the Alarm Settings tab.

Table 1. Alarm Settings Tab

Field Name


Alarm Sound Interval

Sets the audible alarm beeping time delay in seconds.

Use Default System Beep

Specifies whether the system uses sound files with the four-level alarming feature or the system uses the default system beep.

Event viewer uses translucent colors

When true, the event viewer displays the event with a background color that is a translucent version of the color specified for the priority level. The color that appears in the Alarm window is not affected by this field.

Insert Button

Allows you to add and define up to 10 total priority levels.

If you click the Insert button, you can add priority levels. In this case, you can have more than four priority levels.

Delete Button

Allows you to remove priority levels.


Indicates the range of priorities of each priority level. The number of priorities is adjustable, but in each case, the first priority begins at 0 and the next range begins one number higher than where the previous range stopped, up to 255.

For example, the following describes the priority ranges if you had 4 priority levels:
  • The Level 1 range starts at priority 0 and ends at the number configured here.

    The default Level 1 range is 0–39.

  • The Level 2 range starts at priority Level 1 + 1 (39 + 1 = 40) and ends at the number configured here.

    The default Level 2 range is 40–79.

  • The Level 3 range starts at priority Level 2 + 1 (79 + 1 = 80) and ends at the number configured here.

    The default Level 3 range is 80–139.

  • The Level 4 range starts at priority Level 3 + 1 (139 + 1 = 140) and ends at the number configured here.

    The default Level 4 range is 140–255.

Audio File

Indicates the sound file that plays for each priority level when an alarm comes in. The default files for levels 1 through 4 are alarm1.wav, alarm2.wav, alarm3.wav, and alarm4.wav, respectively.

The sound files on a device are only used by the UI when you are directly logged in to that device. If a sound file is missing from the device, the Metasys system uses the default system beep in its place.


Allows you to customize the background color and text color for each priority level. The color you specify here appears in the alarms window and in the event viewer.