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About this task

N2 Devices are configured using N2 configuration tools in Passthru mode in the SCT. To use the N2 configuration tools in Passthru mode, install the N2 configuration tools on the SCT computer.

CCT devices are configured using CCT in Passthru mode. To use CCT in Passthru mode, install CCT on the SCT computer.

To launch N2 configuration tools and CCT in Passthru mode:

  • Open the archive database in SCT or log in to the engine.
  • On the Tools menu, select Field Device Tools, then click the N2 configuration tool you want to use or CCT (MS/TP). The selected tools open in Passthru mode.
  • If you are launching a Passthru session from the SCT, you are guided through a login sequence to log in to the Site Director that contains the devices that contain the N2 controllers or MS/TP controllers.
  • Any offline conditions/actions in the Site Director (such as a download to the Site Director) interrupts N2 and MS/TP Passthru communications.
    • When you use the GX-9100 tool in Passthru mode, engines appear as N30 devices in the UI of the GX-9100 tool.
    • If you use Passthru on a Windows 8 or Windows 7, you must turn off the user access control (UAC). To turn off UAC, go to Control Panel and click System and Security > Action Center. The Action Center window appears. Click Change User Account Control settings, then move the slider bar to the bottom position called Never notify. Click OK and restart the computer.