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About this task

You can use the Report Output viewer to view the content of a report output file, copy the content to the clipboard, or save the content to a file on your local computer. To view and manage the output files on the ODS, see Accessing Report Output Files on the ODS.

To view the content of a Report Output file in the SMP UI:


  1. Launch the Scheduled Reports Viewer.
  2. On the Completed Actions tab, select the report for the output file you would like to view.
    Note: You can also double-click the report to view it in the Report Output Viewer window.
  3. Click View Report. The Report Output Viewer window appears.
    • The View Report button is enabled only when a single report is selected. If no reports are selected, or more than one report is selected, the button is disabled.
    • To copy the content to the clipboard, click Copy to Clipboard. To save the content to a file on your computer, click Save to File.
    • If the report was not successful, the following error message appears: The report output file does not exist or cannot be accessed.
  4. Click Close when you are finished. All open Report Output Viewer windows close when you log out or exit the UI.