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About this task

You may need to access report output files to view, delete, or use data from the report in other applications. To view the output in the SMP UI, see Viewing the Content of a Report Output File.

To access report output files on the ODS:


  1. Log on the computer that is running your ODS,
  2. Navigate to the report directory. The default directory of the report output files on the ODS Site Director is C:\ProgramData\Johnson Controls\MetasysIII\File Transfer\Report Definitions.

    To change the default directory of the report output files, see the Changing the Report Output Directory Location section.

    Note: The directory name and report name are the same.
  3. Select the report to view.
  4. Open the report in the correct viewer.
    • The correct viewer depends on the report type (for example, text in Notepad, XML in Internet Explorer, and tab delimited in Excel).
    • You may wish to periodically archive or delete report output files to avoid filling the ODS hard disk.