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Accessible through the navigation tree, Trend Studies display trend sample data from trends in Engine trend buffers and/or ODS repositories. An ODS on the site is not required to retrieve trend data from the Engine.

When you create a Trend Study, you use the Trend Study wizard to choose the sources for the trends and the display properties.

An Audit Trail message is created whenever you create, delete, or edit a Trend Study. Trend Studies, graphics, and folders are the only items you can create under an ODS on the navigation tree.

The main advantages to using Trend Studies are that you can:

  • view multiple trends at once (from both Engine and ODS)

  • view ODS historical trend data

  • configure the Study Range with flexible parameters

Note: You do not need an ODS on the site to forward trend samples to an ODS. You can forward trend samples to an ODS on a different Metasys site. See the ODS Device Object for ODS information.