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Menu Selection: Insert > Trend Study

Inserts a trend study into the site.

  • With the Trend Study tab selected on the Configure Screen, click the plus icon to add trend items, or click the minus icon button to delete trend items.
  • Select the Configuration tab on the Configure screen for further configuration.

The Metasys Historical Data Management feature allows you to collect and store historical samples of Engine object data. Metasys Trend Studies allow you to view the historical data. Using this information, you can manage energy usage, bill tenants, prove compliance to standards, and diagnose problems in your Metasys system. You can also trend attributes of system objects. With the addition of an ODS Device Object to your network, the Metasys system provides long-term storage of historical data and you dramatically increase storage capabilities.

See the Site Object and Engine Device Object.

The Engine allows you to add Trend Extensions to objects. The Trend Extension contains all of the trend definition information associated with the object. Each trend is associated with a single attribute of that object and collects historical data samples of that attribute. With Trend Extensions, data is collected in the Engine only, but you can configure the Engine to transfer the data to the ODS for long-term storage. For more information on extensions, see Extensions.

Do not confuse the trend study with the Trend Viewer or Trend Extension. For information on Trend Extensions or the Trend Viewer, .

For performance information on trends, refer to the Metasys System Configuration Guide (LIT-12011832).