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The Summary Definition object is an integral part of the Tailored Summary feature. This object allows you to view and edit the columns and key data values used in a Tailored Summary based user view. Tailored summaries are essentially summary views of Metasys system items where the rows and columns of the summary are tailored to contain information of interest.

A summary definition contains the column rules and key data rules used to display a tailored summary. Each column may contain a column heading, an item name or Fully Qualified Reference (FQR), and attribute to display in that column. Each key data item may contain an item name to display in a tailored summary in a header section outside of the data table. After defining the columns and key data items in the summary definition, you can associate that definition with a user view folder using the user view editor.

For information on how this object interacts with the Tailored Summary and User View features, see Tailored Summary Viewer or consult the Tailored Summaries section in the Metasys SCT Help (LIT-12011964) . For information on the User View feature, see User Views.