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The Logic Connector Tool uses the toolbar described here:

Note: When using a zoom tool in View mode, if you click outside of the display panel containing the logic system, the zoom level automatically changes back to the default.
Table 1. LCT Toolbar


(Standard Windows Icons not Shown)


Visible In


Edit Mode

View Mode

Edit Mode   X Changes the control system to Edit mode.

Refresh   X Refreshes the values for control system components.

Save X   Saves the logic system and changes it to View mode. If there are unconnected points, the logic system warns to fix them prior to a save.

Cancel X   Cancels current changes and returns to View mode.

Print X X Print dialog appears

Print Preview X X Print Preview dialog appears

Cut X   Cuts an item of the control system.

Copy X   Copies an item in the control system.

Paste X   Pastes a cut or copied item into the logic system.

Undo X   Undoes the previous action (except for a save) for up to 4 actions.

Redo X   Redoes the previous undone action (for up to 4 actions).

No Grid X   Removes the grid from the diagram.

Lines Grid X   Displays a line grid behind the diagram.

Points Grid X   Displays a point grid behind the diagram.

Select X X Turns the cursor into a selection cursor.

Text X   Turns the cursor into a text cursor that allows you to create a text box.

Pan X X Turns the cursor into a hand that allows you to pan over the diagram by dragging.

Zoom X X Zooms a selected area.

Interactive Zoom X X Zooms in and out on a diagram when you hold the mouse down.

Zoom - Fit Window X X Zooms the diagram to fit within the window.

Trace Mode   X Removes all the connection lines in the diagram. Live values remain.

Selective Zoom X X Allows you to select the percentage zoom applied to the diagram.

Logic Checker X   Checks the control system logic and places a balloon with an icon over unconnected points. See the Logic Checker section.

Sequence (Show Sequence Order) X   Shows the logical sequence order of the connected blocks. A value of -1 indicates that logic does not execute on the block.

Overview X X Shows an overview of the entire control system.